Founded in 1966, Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) is one of the world’s leading and most prestigious brands of loudspeakers manufacturers. B&W loudspeakers have been used by the famous Abbey Road Studio in London for the past two decades. B&W speakers have consistently won prestigious awards and accolades around the world, building the reputation as the top choice for high performance loudspeakers brand.

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Awards & Reviews:

"This wireless speaker beats the competition by some distance.. makes it a class-leader in its category.."

- What Hi-Fi? (on B&W Formation Wedge)

"The Formation Duos are wonderfully accomplished and sophisticated wireless speakers.".

- What Hi-Fi? (on B&W Formation Duo)


Awards & Reviews:

"The PXs are a fantastic package, boasting excellent sound quality, successful noise-cancelling and a smart design.".

- What Hi-Fi? (on B&W PX)

"The finest wireless, noise-cancelling headphones you can buy.."

- Trusted Reviews (on B&W PX)

MT Series

Awards & Reviews:

"This Bowers & Wilkins Home Theatre package is an impressive evolution - it ticks all our performance boxes."

- What Hi-Fi? (on B&W MT-60D)

"High performance for small speakers; delicious scale and imact; lavish looks.."

- Home Cinema Choice (on B&W MT60D)

600 Series

Awards & Reviews:

"Best Stereo Standmount Speaker of the Year 2019. An upbeat, entertaining, brilliantly-balanced sound from a beautifully-made pair of speakers."

- What Hi-Fi? Awards 2019 (on B&W 606)

"A supremely talented pair of speakers you can’t help but admire, the B&W 603s are up there with the best at this kind of money.."

- What Hi-Fi? (on B&W 603)

"Highly Recommended. 5 Stars. B&W makes a triumphant return with the 606 stand-mount speakers..B&W is back at the top table after too long away."

- Trusted Reviews (on B&W 606)


Awards & Reviews:

"Editor Choice Award. Beautifully small in stature yet delivers an engaging full-scale sound.. A terrific standmount and outstanding value for money..”

- Hi-Fi Choice (on B&W 707 S2)

"Best Floorstanding Speaker of the Year. A powerful, tight and detailed floorstander with a spacious soundstage..”

- AVTech Awards 2017/2018 (on B&W 702 S2)


Awards & Reviews:

"Editor Choice Award. Seriously capable high-end standmount speaker.. crisp, clean, open and musical sound, superb build.”

- Hi-Fi Choice (on B&W 805 D3)

"The B&W 805 D3s are hugely capable standmounters with class-leading resolution and clarity.t.”

- What Hi-Fi? (on B&W 805 D3)

"Best High-End Loudspeaker of the Year. It is a true reference in the world of hi-fi loudspeakers..”

- EISA Award 2016-2017 (on B&W 802 D3)


Awards & Reviews:

"Refined, powerful and amazingly articulate, B&W's baby DB series model sets the standard for compact subwoofers..”

- Home Cinema Choice (on B&W DB3D)

"The B&W DB1 proved to be a real pocket rocket, producing from a relatively small enclosure taut, powerful deep bass with outstanding pitch definition..”

- Stereophile (on B&W DB1)

Custom INstall SERIES

Awards & Reviews:

"If you, or a client of yours, is looking for extremely high quality performance but is not able to accommodate free standing speaker, the new CI800 series speakers might be your ticket...”

-Audioholics (on B&W CI800)

OUTDOOR Speakers

Awards & Reviews:

"B&W AM-1 looks better than most outdoor speakers, has a versatile mounting system, and likely sounds very good..”

- Audioholics (B&W AM-1)

"Articulate, exciting and powerful, AM-1 avoids the compromises commonly associated with all-weather monitors..”

- engadget (B&W AM-1)

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