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Premium Portable Wireless Speaker. Multiple awards winning around the world, said to be the best sounding portable bluetooth speaker!

Used by Musicians. Street Artists. Ballet Dancers. And You!


Green Moss


Cloud Gray


Dark Shadow

Awards & Reviews:

"Best portable wireless speaker £250+, of the Year 2017.."

- What Hi-Fi? Award 2017 (UK)

"Best Product of the Year 2016.."

- What Hi-Fi? Award 2016 (UK)

"This Dali delivers a smooth and engaging sound with no katch.."

- What Hi-Fi? (UK)

"It offers the sort of muscular, multi-layered sound that really has no place coming from such a slim cabinet.."

- Trusted Reviews (UK)

"It’s just one gorgeous speaker that will satisfy the fussiest of ears."

- Forbes (USA)

"Complete, delicate and ambitious speaker"

- Lyd & Bilede (Denmark)

"This is  by far the best sounding Apt-X bluetooth speaker.."

- Techzine

"The DALI KATCH is not only above its competitors in cost price - also in sound, operation time and size of battery it outplays them."

- German ModernHifi

"Our long lasting experience has told us that DALI products make sense. The DALI KATCH is in line with this as it comes with a splendid design, easy usability, wise configuration and superb sound."

- i-fidelity (Germany)

"It is far from the cheapest portable Bluetooth speaker on the market, but the KATCH sound quality and battery life is class-leading at this price point.."

- StereoNET (Australia)

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