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Cambridge Audio CXA-61 Stereo Amplifier (Lunar Grey)

Cambridge Audio CXA-61 Stereo Amplifier (Lunar Grey)



- Winner of Highest "5 Star" Award by What Hi-Fi? Magazine

- Winner of "Best Stereo Amplifier of the Year 2019" by What Hi-Fi? Magazine


‘A solid and classy piece of kit. Stereo imaging is impressive… the CXA61 is an real winner’

'Open, detailed and dynamic sound, Punchy and exciting presentation, Good feature list, Excellent build and finish..'

- What Hi-Fi?



CX Series 2. The Sound Of Progress.


Half a decade after the CX range redefined performance at its price point, it’s time to reimagine, reengineer and reinvigorate. The all-new CXA61 integrated amplifiers build on the foundations laid (and the Awards won) by CXA60, but with a fresh and progressive perspective.

The CXA61 is poised, effortless and sophisticated. Its 60 watts per channel give it complete authority over music, and it wrings every emotional and musical nuance from your whole collection.


  • 60 Watts per channel with Class AB amplification for detailed and powerful audio performance
  • High Quality DAC - Connect digital sources directly via TOSLINK and Coaxial
  • Bluetooth aptX HD built in for a high quality wireless connection
  • 4 x RCA Analogue connections for all your sources.
  • USB Audio Input accepting up to 32bit/384kHz & DSD 256 digital files from Mac or PC


The CXA61 is designed to bring your music to life, no matter how it’s stored. So it features an entirely new digital board, including the cutting-edge ESS Sabre ES9010 digital-to-analogue convertor. Which means digital audio files up to a heady 32bit/384kHz, or DSD256, are brought dramatically to life, with every detail and nuance delivered intact and in full. The CXA61 combines unparalleled accuracy with vivid musicality, without sacrificing convenience.


Thanks to numerous improvements and upgrades - and thanks to an overspecified toroidal transformer - the CXA61 delivers a prodigious 60 watts of power per channel. This means the CXA61 has complete authority over even the most demanding speakers, it means big dynamic shifts in music are handled with total control, and it means the whole musical picture is available no matter if you’re playing at discreet background levels or at party-time volumes.



Thanks to relentless dedication to progressive engineering, The CXA61 is a complete solution. Its combination of versatility, power and audio excellence means it can form the centre of your musical experience for years to come.

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