DALI Kubik One Soundbar (Black)

DALI Kubik One Soundbar (Black)

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- Winner of "Best Soundbar of the Year 2018" Award by What Hi-Fi? Magazine

- Winner of Highest "Five Star" Award by What Hi-Fi? Magazine

- Winner of "Recommended" Award by Home Cinema Choice

- Winner of "Recommended" Award by Trusted Reviews


The DALI KUBIK ONE is an audiophile all-in-one sound system designed with a passion for genuine hi-fi reproduction.

The DALI KUBIK ONE is a flexible stereo sound system that offers a broad range of connectors such as Bluetooth, USB, Analogue input and no less than two Optical inputs offering the option of connecting to both a TV and an audio player. The variety of connectors, ensure that any device will connect to the KUBIK ONE at the best possible quality. To improve ease of use even more, the KUBIK ONE features wake-up on signal and IR learning. The wake-up on signal turns on the KUBIK ONE when any signal is detected on any input, including Bluetooth. The clever IR learning enables the use of an existing remote control to navigate the KUBIK ONE.