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Van den Hul HDMI Flat Cable

Van den Hul HDMI Flat Cable

The VDH HDMI Flat, a new high quality, flat shaped, HDMI cable that is fully compliant with the 1.4 standard for lengths up to 10 meter and offers effortless performance even at long 15 meter runs.

The VDH HDMI Flat features:

- Fully compliant with the HDMI™ High Speed (v1.4) specification for lengths up to 7.5 meter.
- Supports display modes/resolutions up to and including 1080p; warranted for lengths up to 10.0 meter.
- High-quality HDMI ‘Type A’ connectors with heavy gold plated contacts provide solid and reliable connections.
- High-density-coated Oxygen Free Copper conductors warrant minimum signal attenuation.
- In addition to the cable's Hulliflex ® jacket, the internal conductors' special coating adds extra protection against aggressive environmental conditions.
  • Details

    - Winner of Highest "Five Star" Award by What Hi-Fi? Magazine
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