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Van den Hul The Clearwater Speaker Cable (Per M)

Van den Hul The Clearwater Speaker Cable (Per M)

With the design of The CLEARWATER, it was our intention to produce the best match between quality and price.

The decision was taken to work with 2 groups of strands with a conductor size of AWG 14; this because in many situations the distance between the amplifier and the loudspeakers is limited.

- Therefore a twin-lead construction was made with 2 x 98 strands of a dense very pure silver coated Matched Crystal (MC) OFC.
- The two conductor groups are twisted in opposite directions.
- The resistance of each lead is: 0.9 Ohm/100 meter.
- The capacitance between the two conductors is: 17.5 pF/meter.

Sonically this cable is a great product with a very balanced overall quality. There is no harshness and the spatial reproduction is superior.
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    - Winner of Highest "Five Star" Award by What Hi-Fi? Magazine
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