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Van den Hul The Sub Hybrid Subwoofer Cable

Van den Hul The Sub Hybrid Subwoofer Cable

The SUB HYBRID is a high quality coaxial audio cable. It’s been specifically designed for connecting an amplifier to a subwoofer.

- Stranded center FUSION conductor for transparency, imaging and resolution. Completely free from distortion.

- Low capacitance due to the high quality low-loss dielectrics. This also means excellent dynamics and timing.

- Multiple shielding for keeping the signal transfer clean from electrical noise and any kind of interference. Four layers ensure a high shielding factor and low shield impedance.

- Hybrid technology means the conductors are embedded in a conductive layer containing our Linear Structured Carbon ®. Applied in the cable's signal lines and shielding, L. S. C. uplifts the quality and performance with extra mechanical and chemical protection; prevents static electrical charges to arise from cable movements or other dynamic stresses (microphony) and further improves the cable's shielding factor and noise immunity.

- Excellent protection against mechanical and chemical environmental factors. The silver coated stranded conductors and yellow rugged HULLIFLEX ® cable jacket ensure a very long lifespan and performance free from degradation.
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