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Special clearance. Discontinued models. Ex-demo or Ex-display sets. Warranty included. Selected clearance items listed below. Usually only 1 set available and first come first serve.

List updated: 12 Aug 2022

Special Offers (New)

Brand New Stock. Limited Sets. Warranty Included. Some are opened box new set.

DALI Opticon 1 Black

Fyne Audio F302 Black

REL HT1205 (500W) Subwoofer

Showroom Ex-Demo Sets

Usually excellent condition. Warranty Included. High Performance, Lower Price

DALI Sub E-9 F Black Ash

Atlantic Tech AT-2 Black

Cambridge Audio 851A Stereo Int Amp Sil

REL S/812 (800W) Subwoofer

Fyne Audio F303 Black

Fyne Audio F501SP Gloss Black

B&W 705 S2 Signature

Refurbished Pre-owned

Usually good condition. Warranty Included.

Classe Sigma Mono Amplifier

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