Anthem pre-amps, amplifiers and audio/video receivers give you the most advanced tools available to easily connect, control, optimize and power all of your entertainment systems. Technology include Anthem Room Correction (ARC®), the industry’s leading audio optimizer, and non-invasive Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) circuitry in our amplifiers constantly monitors temperature, current and voltage to ensure optimum long-term performance.

The STR Stereo components and MRX720/1120 AV Receiver has been awards "Best Product of the Year".
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Awards & Reviews:

"Product of the Year 2018! the Anthem STR is a watershed product worth serious consideration. Highly recommend.."

- Stereophile (on Anthem STR)

"I would consider the Anthem STR some of the best Class AB amplification that I’ve gotten my hands on in terms of overall perfor-mance regardless of MSRP."

- hometheaterreview (on Anthem STR)

"Best of Award 2018. Simply put, it’s one of the best sounding two-channel preamplifiers I’ve ever heard.."

- Home Theatre Review (on Anthem STR Pre-Amp)

MRX SERIES - AV Receiver

Awards & Reviews:

"To sum it up, the MRX 720 delivers the audio quality you would expect in a high-end home theater receiver, which is what really counts, as well as providing an excellent speaker setup system..”                                        "

- Lifewire (on Anthem MRX 720)

"Overall, the Anthem MRX 1120 is a fabulously effective AV receiver, and Anthem’s sophisticated room correction is astonishingly effective..”                                        "

- Home Cinema Choice (on Anthem MRX 1120)

"The MRX 1120 is also a very musical AV receiver, making it one of those rare beasts that is able to deliver a barnstorming performance with films and an equally subtle and effective performance with music..”

- avforums (on Anthem MRX 1120)

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