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Danish Audiophile Loudspeakers Industries (DALI)

Founded 1983 in Denmark, DALI (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries) is driven by a raw passion for audio perfection. The development and refinement of new technologies to increase the realism of the home entertainment experience is the main objective in their quest to create what we believe to be the best loudspeakers in the world.
For more information on DALI, pls see DALI website

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Awards & Reviews:
Logo - WHF 2019 (DALI Katch One).jpg
Logo - EISA Award DALI KATCH ONE.png

"Best Soundbar of the Year 2019! This Dali delivers a smooth and engaging sound with no katch..."

- What Hi-Fi? Award 2019 (on DALI KATCH ONE)

"Best TV Sound Speaker of the Year 2019-2020! KATCH ONE tucks a 10-driver speaker array, 4x50W amplifier and DSP engine into a stylish cabinet, this soundbar conjures a full-range performance with powerful but nuanced bass, wide stereo imaging and excellent dialogue/vocal clarity.".

-EISA Awards 2019-2020 (on DALI KATCH ONE)

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"If you’re after a soundbar that combines performance, style and ease of use without incurring (too) much of an expense, you should hear (and see) the DALI Katch One...".

- Trusted Reviews (on DALI KATCH ONE)

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io-4 / io-6 Headphones

DALI iO.png
Awards & Reviews:

"The DALI IO is luxurious wireless headphones - designed and developed in Denmark. With class-leading battery time, audio comfort and sound performance. DALI IO is built for extended listening with a comfortable, durable design and a natural transparent sound that never tires.."

Logo - StereoNET_Applause_Award-19.png

"Fit and finish are great and we love the clean Danish styling.. All-in-all the DALI headphones impress without the need to be boastful. There is a certain poise and elegance to their performance...".

- Stereonet (on DALI iO-4)

KATCH - portable speaker

Awards & Reviews:

"Best Portable Wireless Speaker of the Year! This Dali delivers a smooth and engaging sound with no katch..."

- What Hi-Fi (on DALI KATCH)

"Group Test Winner! An elegant and remarkable speaker design that performs brilliantly..".

- Hi-Fi Choice (on DALI KATCH)

Logo - HFC Group Test.png

"DALI KATCH is a dazzling offers the sort of muscular, multi-layered sound that really has no place coming from such a slim cabinet..".

- Trusted Reviews UK (on DALI KATCH)

Kubik ONE - SounDBAR

Awards & Reviews:

"Best Soundbar of the Year 2018! Whatever you want to call it, the DALI KUBIK ONE is a class act: great sound, good looks and well connected.."

- What Hi-Fi? Award 2018 (on DALI Kubik One)

"Excellent Product Design Award 2017. The active loudspeaker system has an enticing minimalistic design that incorporates premium materials. A visually impressive object that tastefully underscores sophisticated interior design..."

- German Design Award Special 2017 (on DALI Kubik One)


Awards & Reviews:

"Callisto system with SoundHub offers wireless HD audio transfer to the speakers, has numerous inputs including Bluetooth AptX-HD, multiple outputs, two modular expansion ports, auto sensing source select, and Bluetooth remote control. SoundHub includes a 250W class-D analog amplifier with Burr-Brown DAC..."

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Logo - EISA 2018 Dali Callisto 6C.png

Spektor SERIES

Awards & Reviews:

"The babies of the Spektor range turn out to be sparkling performers.”

- What Hi-Fi? (on DALI Spektor 1)

"Best Value Loudspeaker of the Year 2017-2018. The soft dome tweeter is refined beyond its price class and the twin wood-fibre mid/bass units sound unexpectedly civilised, yet can really shake the room..”

- EISA Award 2017-2018 (on DALI Spektor 6)

Logo - WHF 2019 (DALI Spektor 2).jpg

"Best Standmount Speaker of 2019. These Dalis offer a degree of entertainment their rivals struggle to match..”                                        "

- What Hi-Fi? Award 2019 (on DALI Spektor 2)


DALI Oberon 5 5.1.jpg
Awards & Reviews:
Logo - WHF 2019 (DALI Oberon 5).jpg
Logo - EISA Award-DALI-OBERON-Series.png
Logo - HFC Group Test.png

"Best Speaker Package of the Year 2019. Full, honest and warm - these clever performers will make the best out of any home cinema soundtrack”

- What Hi-Fi? Award 2019 (on DALI Oberon 5 5.1)

"Best Floorstand Speaker of the Year 2019. Superb floorstanders, right up there with the best.”

- What Hi-Fi? Award 2019 (on DALI Oberon 5)

"Best Buy Home Theatre Speaker System of the Year 2019-2020. Combining stunning Scandinavian design, with music or movies these speakers have a wide dispersion and a clear, balanced and convincing presentation. They look great, and sound even better….”

- EISA Award 2019-2020 (on DALI Oberon Series)

Logo - WHF 2019 (DALI Oberon 5 HT).jpg


Awards & Reviews:

"Best Speaker Package of 2017. These Dalis offer a degree of entertainment their rivals struggle to match..”

- What Hi-Fi? Award 2017 (on DALI Zensor 1 5.1)

"All of the hi-fi with fewer of the boxes, the Zensor 5 AX are a neat and convenient solution that sound superb....”

- What Hi-Fi? (on DALI Zensor 5 AX)


Awards & Reviews:

"Few systems mix refinement and muscle this successfully and look so good doing it. It’s beautifully built, gorgeously styled and a treat to listen to..”

- Home Cinema Choice (on DALI Opticon 6 5.1)

"Best HT Speaker System of the Year. The result is a deep, atmospheric bed of surround sound, peppered with crisp effects that pan seamlessly around your home theatre room. Throw in the beautiful build and gorgeous styling and you’ve got the perfect package..”

- EISA Award 2016-2017 (on DALI Opticon 6 5.1)

"Small can be good, especially if it’s made by DALI. Immediately impressive is an airy soundstage with good dimensionality.. It’s a speaker that revels in its midrange and upper bass..”

- Hi-Fi Choice (on DALI Opticon 1)


Awards & Reviews:

"Blessed with breathtaking speed and agility, the Rubicon 2s are seriously entertaining..”                                        "

- What Hi-Fi? (on DALI Rubicon 2)

"Best On-Wall Loudspeaker System of the Year. a persuasive one-stop solution for both stereo and multichannel sound..”

- EISA Awards (on DALI Rubicon LCR)

"Fast, open, articulate sound with great timing.. cuts to the musical chase..”                                        "

- Hi-Fi Choice (on DALI Rubicon 6)


Awards & Reviews:

"Dali is no stranger to making top-class speakers, and the engaging Epicon 2s serve only to reinforce that reputation..”

- What Hi-Fi? (on DALI Epicon 2)

"Reference Status Award. Equally awe-inspiring with movies and music, this package is quite simply... Epic!..”

- Home Cinema Choice (on DALI Epicon 6 HT)

"Dali Epicon 8 can easily be your final loudspeaker purchase. They serve the music faithfully.”

- ToneAudio (on DALI Epicon 8)

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