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Founded in 1968, Cambridge Audio is a British manufacturer of high-end audio equipment. It is famous for stereo amplifiers (CX series is No.1 top selling in UK) and network music streamers (CXN V2 is Best Music Streamer of the Year 2019). Their recently flagship series (EDGE) is a huge worldwide success, winning countless awards and accolades.

Their product line includes portable Wireless speaker (Yoyo Series), soundbar, and their latest wireless ear buds (Melomania 1), awarded "Best Wireless In-Ears of the Year 2019"
For more information on Cambridge Audio, pls see Cambridge Audio website

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Melomania 1 - Wireless EarBuds

Awards & Reviews:
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"Best Wireless In-Ears of the Year 2019! A truly exceptional pair of true wireless earbuds."

- What Hi-Fi? Awards 2019 (on Cambridge Audio Melomania 1)

"They certainly outperform the Apple AirPods... These wireless earbuds simply blew us away."

- TechRadar (on Cambridge Audio Melomania 1)

"Talented beyond their price... A remarkably accomplished and convincing listen."

- Trusted Reviews (on Cambridge Audio Melomania 1)

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EDGE Series

Awards & Reviews:
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"Best High-End Integrated Amplifier of the Year 2018/2019.
Mixing room-shaking prowess with effortless purity, it’s nothing short of a marvel at the price"

- AVTech Awards (on Cambridge Audio Edge A)

"Editor Choice Award Winner. It sounds seriously good for the money, with a happy, upbeat nature underwritten by real power and insight. It deserves to succeed."

- Hi-Fi Choice (on Cambridge Audio Edge NQ / W)

"While Cambridge may not have rewritten the rules of hi-fi, this is a truly fantastic system for the money.."

- What Hi-Fi? (on Cambridge Audio Edge NQ)

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Awards & Reviews:
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"Best Music Streamer of the Year 2019. A great streamer just got even better. Making the best even better, the CXN (V2) is the best streamer out there at this price point.."

- What Hi-Fi? Awards 2019 (on Cambridge Audio CXN V2)

"The most well-connected and exciting-sounding package. Deep bass and gripping highs.. Excellent build and finish.. This Cambridge is a huge success..”                                        "

- What Hi-Fi? (on Cambridge Audio CXA60)

"The CXN V2’s streaming skills are mighty impressive… it simply sounds fab..”

- Hi-Fi Choice (on Cambridge Audio CXN V2)

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