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Founded in 1983, Martin Logan is a high-end American manufacturer best known for its hybrid electrostatic speakers and one of the most respected brands and sought after brands in high end audio.

The listening experience of electrostatic speakers is highly immersive with an unbelievable soundstage effect. New generation are highly durable and made to last in our tropical climate. Experience the entry model of ESL X, to the top-end Neolith model, which are all award winning products, made in USA.
For more information on Martin Logan, pls see Martin Logan website


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Awards & Reviews:
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"Without question the Neolith ranks among the best full range speakers I’ve heard. Pair the Neoliths with the right amplification, put them in the right sized room, and you’ll have a recipe for countless evenings of musical bliss.."

- Audioholics (on Martin Logan Neolith)

"The stunning piece of technology above is not the cockpit guard from an X-Wing fighter, nor some sort of teleportation device plucked from the future. No, this curious, screened contraption is the latest breakthrough from the audio gurus at Martin Logan.."

- Digital Trends (on Martin Logan Neolith)

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"MartinLogan's Neolith is a world-class product, taking its place in the upper echelon of today's best loudspeakers. The Neolith's transparency to sources, resolution, coherence, transient fidelity, and lifelike sense of presence and immediacy are as good as they get.."

- The Absolute Sound (on Martin Logan Neolith)

Masterpiece SERIES

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Awards & Reviews:
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"Now that a MartinLogan active subwoofer endowed with ARC-2 has been successfully mated to an XStat panel, anyone serious about big, full, accurate sound reproduction can start here. Unconditionally recommended..”                                        "

- Stereophile (on Martin Logan Renaissance ESL 15A)

"Let me say it up front: The Impression 11A with its built-in ARC engaged has provided the best bass response I’ve ever heard in my room in the areas of overall smoothness of response and of clarity, definition, and pitch differentiation..”

- The Absolute Sound (on Martin Logan Impression ESL 11A)

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"MartinLogan has hit a home run with the Expression ESL 13A. This speaker improves upon the traditional MartinLogan strong points of transparency and detail and adds a much improved bass section to create a well-rounded, great-sounding speaker..”                                        "

- HomeTheatreReview (on Martin Logan Expression ESL 13A)


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Awards & Reviews:
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"The speakers gave me an opportunity to forget that they were actually there, and having such a large vertical sound field from the electrostatic tower block created a large vertical soundstage just as in the concert hall.”

- Hi-Fi Pig (on Martin Logan ESL X)

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"The affordable (by MartinLogan standards) electrostatic towers delivered the detailed, lifelike sound I know and love..”

- Sound & Vision (on Martin Logan ESL X)


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Awards & Reviews:

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