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REL Acoustics - Subwoofer Expert

REL Acoustics is is a British designer and manufacturer of ultra high-end "sub-bass" subwoofer systems.  The company's products have acquired an almost cult-like status, and are widely acclaimed for their state-of-the-art performance. REL Acoustics subwoofers have won countless accolades and awards around the world.

At REL Acoustics, the company designs and manufactures subwoofers only. Nothing else, but the best in subwoofer technologies.

For more information on REL Acoustics, please visit REL website.


"Reference Status Award. A truly sublime subwoofer that delivers unsurpassed speed and ultra-realistic LF effects. Switch to hi-fi and its accurate bass gives music incredible passion and scale.

- Home Cinema Choice (on REL No.25)

Total Control

Fine Tuning in the palm of your hand

Begin your relationship with REL Reference by simply picking up the remote; feel its heft, how its rounded contours fit gently in the cup of your hand. This is a carefully wrought system improvement that encourages the sort of finely detailed decisions during set-up necessary to achieve the perfect balance to the ultimate system owner.

Series S/SHO

Awards & Reviews:

"the mix is of such high quality.. that this would be the Product of the Year 2017.. For my money, this could be TONE’s Product of all time.. ."

- Tone Audio (on REL 212/SE)

"Delivers huge bass and real slam, capable of driving much larger rooms than its dimensions might suggest.."

- Home Cinema Choice (on REL S/5 SHO)

"The S/3 SHO looks superb, is easy to setup and delivers the low-frequency goods with movies and music alike...."

- Home Cinema Choice (on REL S/3 SHO)

Logo - Absolute Sound Editor Choice.jpg
Awards & Reviews:

"T/9i is an excellent subwoofer for the audiophile.. Highly recommended.. "

- Hi-Fi+ (on REL T/9i)

"the new T/7i is even faster and tighter than its forbear, yet remains tonally supple, with well-defined timbres..."

- TAS Editor Choice Award 2017 (on REL T/7i)

"REL T-5 is an adorable little subwoofer that offers a musical performance for a budget price, and will play movies acceptably despite its compact size."

- C/NET (on REL T5)

Series T/i

HT Family v2.jpg
Awards & Reviews:
Logo - AVT_18_Rel_badge_x2-200x138.jpg
Logo - Best Subwoofer 2018 REL HT1003 60

"“the result is an outstanding-value home cinema subwoofer.. you won't get more bang per buck than this..”            .. "

- Home Cinema Choice (on REL HT/1003)

"Enormously powerful for the cash, REL’s neat-looking HT/1205 delivers outstanding bang per buck..      ..."

- Home Cinema Choice (on REL HT/1205)

"the HT flagship is a powerful, purposeful, dedicated home cinema sub, eschewing features and fancy finishes in favour of outstanding LFE performance..”"

- Home Cinema Choice (on REL HT/1508)

Series HT

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