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DALI iO-6 Wireless Headphone (with ANC)

DALI iO-6 Wireless Headphone (with ANC)

S$669.00 Regular Price
S$602.10Sale Price

The DALI IO-6 luxurious wireless headphones are designed for maximum comfort with a durable design and a natural, transparent sound performance. Featuring a class-leading 30 hour battery life. Designed and developed from the bottom up in our headquarters in Denmark.



Every one of us is unique; we all have different sized heads and ears. DALI IO headphones have been ergonomically optimised to ensure they comfortably fit as many people as possible. This required numerous prototypes, and analysis of different combinations of ear pads, headband curves and ear-cup angles. The result is a design with the right amount of adjustability required to provide a natural fit to anyone.



The DALI IO-6 is a closed-back unit, designed to provide a high level of natural passive noise isolation (PNI). However, low frequency noise cannot be removed passively, which is why the DALI IO-6 employs the latest ANC technology to remove background noise. When ANC is activated, the IO-6 actively cancels low frequency noise - eg. in the shape of a repeating and rhythmic deep background rumble. Be it in the office, on an airplane, bus or train or when mowing the lawn.

Transparency Mode, bypasses the Passive Noise Isolation (PNI) by feeding external ambient audio into the headphone audio. The headphones effectively become one-way (out to in) acoustically transparent.



The long battery life grants freedom from worrying about running out of power. Go longer with the large capacity, high-quality li-ion battery featured in the DALI IO-6. DALI provides best-in-class with the incredible new class leading 30 hour battery life in the IO-6; enough to go for days without charging.



DALI IO headphones are designed and engineered by the same team and to the same basic principles as any other DALI loudspeaker. The aim is to create the most natural and authentic sound possible and to reproduce music exactly as intended by the artist.



For high wireless audio performance, the DALI IO supports Bluetooth AptX, AptX HD (24-bit) and Apple AAC.

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